Why is FAD® Match On e-Passport the best choice for identity validation?

With the increase in security concerns in international travel, identity validation has become one of the main aspects of ensuring the safety of travelers and preventing identity fraud. In this sense, FAD® Match on e-Passport technology has stood out as one of the best options for identity validation. Below, we'll explore the main reasons why FAD® Match on e-Passport is the best choice for identity validation.

What is FAD® Match On e-Passport?

FAD® Match on e-Passport is a solution that reads the electronic passport chip using NFC technology with a smartphone, performing a real-time comparison of the information on the chip integrated with facial biometrics, allowing the identity of people of another nationality to be securely validated.

The platform compares the biometric and biographical information that is inside the chip and compares the facial biometrics provided by the individual when carrying out the identity validation process. To do this, the company that wants to validate the citizen's identity only needs to download the app (FAD® Match on e-Passport) via smartphone.

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FAD® Match On e-Passport benefits

The technology offers a high level of security, privacy and data protection, validating the user's facial biometrics and creating a secure channel to offer any type of service remotely, without the need to build a database, protecting sales processes in digital environments, making them in the same way or more secure as they did in person

Below are some of the reasons to use the solution!

Greater accuracy in identity validation

FAD® Match On e-Passport uses advanced facial recognition technology to compare the passport holder's photo with the digital image stored on the e-passport chip. This allows for more accurate and reliable identity validation, ensuring that the passport holder is who they claim to be.

Greater security in identity validation

FAD® Match on e-Passport technology is highly secure and difficult to be counterfeited or defrauded. This is because identity validation is performed electronically, without the need for human intervention, which significantly reduces the possibility of identity fraud.

Greater efficiency in identity validation

Identity validation with FAD® Match on e-Passport is a fast and efficient process. The e-passport chip contains the holder's personal information and the photo, which means that verification can be done quickly without the need to manually type or verify passport information.

Global adoption

FAD® Match On e-Passport is widely used around the world, which means that it is a reliable and standardized option for identity validation at airports and border checkpoints around the world.

Compliance with international regulations

FAD® Match On e-Passport technology complies with international data security and privacy standards, which ensures that the passport holder's personal data is protected throughout the identity validation process.

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Choose the best solution for identity validation

In short, FAD® Match on e-Passport is the best option for identity validation, as it offers greater accuracy, security, efficiency and is widely adopted around the world. In addition, the technology is compatible with international security and data privacy standards, ensuring the protection of travelers' personal information throughout the identity validation process.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about how the FAD® Match on e-Passport can be implemented by your company, talk to one of our specialists!

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